7 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups

Who doesn’t love holidays? Beyond all the spiffy celebrations, decorations, food, and parties, brands can’t help but dig holidays for the goldmine of marketing opportunities they provide. Whether you as a consumer love when brands get into the holiday spirit or are completely overwhelmed by it, there’s no denying its effectiveness in producing conversions. In this post for Supercool Creative, I give 7 tips for taking advantage of the holidays for marketing. I focus on how holiday marketing can benefit startups, but these tips are pretty universal. See my tips here.


  1. Kevin Milne says:

    I am enjoying the spider pumpkin from your featured image. Would you kindly send me the stencil design? I think my nephew would like to carve that.

    1. Kirstie says:

      Hi Kelvin (or should I say, “Boo!” xD),

      Happiest of Halloweens to you and your nephew! Here are some truly precious stencils for the two of you to stir up some good old fashioned family fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

      Have a spooky, kooky Halloween, dear reader!

  2. Kevin Milne says:

    You should have said PRECOCIOUS not precious. Those are not what my nephew needs.

    His aunt and I have tried to help raise him (despite the exhaustive efforts of the bum that married my sister) to be a good, judeo-christian man. I mentioned Judaism because they wrote the OLD TESTAMENT after all which I think reader’s digest would do well to remember…

    Speaking of remembering, when I was a BOY, my father once took me “trick-or-treating” when we were lured into the house of a devil worshiper. I don’t remember the circumstances exactly, but my father said something like “son, I will only be a minute, I think this woman needs my help.”

    Good golly was he right.

    I can remember my FATHER walking up the stairs to her private quarters in order to help this lonely woman cast demons out of her house. I was dressed as THE LONE RANGER and I remember eating a three musketeers bar as I first heard the sounds of the demons.

    It sounded like a ghost: “OHHHHHHHHHHH OHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOH!”

    I remember the clankaty-klank of bed springs as SATAN was being expelled from the house. After a few minutes, my father poked his head around the bannister of the stairs to say “son, this is taking longer than expected.”

    I can still remember the holy GATORADE in his hands…

    Patiently I sat as the minutes slipped by. I can remember thinking that I was missing out on the TREATS of Halloween. However, when I–as a young boy–heard that wonderful scream to the heavens that I will never forget in an angelic voice: “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD” I knew that something wonderous was about to change my life forever.

    It wasn’t two minutes later when I hear the exhausted voice of my father call to me, “son…”

    Tepidly, I climbed the stairs and cautiously opened the bedroom door. The woman–our neighbor– and erstwhile demoness was now slain and lay panting on the bed.

    My father took my by the hands and said “our work here is done, don’t tell your mother.”

    And that is the TRUE meaning of ALL HALLOWS EVE. praise jesus

    1. Kirstie says:


    2. SurferB01 says:

      d00d, were u dressed as a bandit?

      1. Kevin Milne says:

        No, but I was wearing a CAPE

        1. Kirstie says:

          My posts have never been more popular.

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