Communication apps for an Australian working holiday

5 Mobile Apps for Staying in Touch While on an Australian Working Holiday

Australia may feel light-years away from much of the world, but that doesn’t mean you should have any problem keeping in touch with friends and family while you’re on your working holiday. Technology makes keeping in touch easier than ever, and there is a wide selection of mobile apps that will do wonders for any homesickness you may experience. On the blog that I built for recruitment agency people2people, I wrote about my five choices for the best apps for calling home while living abroad. (Keep in mind I wrote this in 2014, so technology has changed quite a bit since then!) See the original post here or read on below.

In Australia, you may be thousands of kilometres away from your friends and family, but with modern technology, that’s no reason to be out of touch with them! Here are five fantastic mobile phone apps that will allow you to stay connected with your loved ones back home.


The classic video call service is available as a mobile phone app. Using wifi or phone data, you can video chat with other Skype users for free or call foreign phone numbers for low rates.


Viber is another app that allows you to make free voice calls or send messages to others who have the Viber app. It also allows you to send stickers and create message groups, as well as dialling phone numbers for low rates.


The popular messaging app, recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, allows you to send text messages and photos to friends all over the world without having to use your phone plan’s SMS service. Because it is so widely used, there’s a good chance you’ll find lots of your contacts on here.


If you aren’t on Snapchat already, the app allows you to message photos for free that disappear after a few seconds. Stay in touch by Snapchatting your friends a selfie with a kangaroo or a shot of the Sydney Opera House at sunset!


Foocall also allows you to call landlines and mobile phones for low rates, but what makes it unique is that if you aren’t connected to wifi or 3G/4G, it will use your phone plan, and your provider will log it as a local call, even if you’re calling the other side of the world!

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